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Japan has a unique culture about wedding ceremonies.

In the Kinki region, because it is the birthplace of some unique wedding culture, original customs of marriage that can not be seen elsewhere remain. In Kinki prefecture of the Kinki district, there is a custom that elders give money equivalent to transportation expenses, no matter who gets a gift from anyone.

Meanwhile in Shiga prefecture at Nagahama City and in Hyogo Prefecture at Awajishima, customs are a gift of red and white rice cake as a gift. The red mochi represents a groom, the white rice cake expresses the bride, which means “the bride is dyed in the color of the groom”. Also, in Osaka prefecture, there is a marriage custom that puts delivered items on a gift stand, and it is said that any number of delivered goods may be used if it is odd.

Do you want to know more about the regional specifics of marriage customs in Japan?

It is customs of marriage traditions to have a strong regional element. In the Kinki district, it is customary to use a beautiful water drawing wedding decoration at the time of the delivery. Although these drainworks are difficult to handle, many brute and grooming people are puzzled in recent years, but since the original meaning is a lucky blessing the marriage of the two loved ones. After the marriage, ask the delivery shop to decorate the room. It would be better to have it processed by traditional craftsmen. I think whether it can be used for various purposes if it is processed into battledore decorations.