4 Ways to Consume Water For Weight Loss

October 8, 2018 scarlet 0

Water is not just used to rehydrate your body, it can also be used as a weight loss too. Although it does not directly give an impact on your stomach fat, it does complement an overall fat loss program.

Drinking adequate amounts of water every single day is not the answer to achieve a lean belly. But it does help …

Best Workouts for Weight Loss

March 10, 2017 scarlet 0

One of the things that come to your mind when trying to lose weight is finding the best workout regimen that works seamlessly. You must know that working out alone is not enough to lose weight effectively. There’s a lot more that goes into body fat and weight loss just like eating the right kind of food, getting enough sleep, …

The Link Between Obesity And Cancer

July 10, 2016 scarlet 0

Obesity is known as the second leading cause of cancer after smoking. There are about one-fifth of the cancer deaths recorded in the United States linked with obesity. However, how is fat stimulating the development of tumors?

How may obesity increase the risk of cancer? Many probable mechanisms have been proposed to expound how obesity may intensify the risks of …